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openSMILE:) The Munich Open-Source Large-scale Multimedia Feature Extractor

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We showed that word-level beam search has a branching bias for bottom-up RNNGs which hurt performance on our task. We proposed a novel beam search algorithm that does not have this branching …. Rhetorical structure trees have been shown to be useful for several document-level tasks including summarization and document classification.

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The process of automatic generation of a road map from GPS trajectories, called map inference, remains a challenging task to perform on a geospatial …. Deep learning currently dominates the benchmarks for various NLP tasks and, at the basis of such systems, words are frequently represented as embeddi…. Immersive simulations are increasingly used for teaching and training in many societally important arenas including healthcare, disaster response and…. Understanding the underlying semantics of performing arts like dance is a challenging task.

Dance is multimedia in nature and spans over time as well…. In th…. AUTOMAP is a promising generalized reconstruction approach, however, it is not scalable and hence the practicality is limited. The outstanding computational efficiency of discriminative correlation filter DCF fades away with various complicated improvements. Previous appear…. The availability of large image data sets has been a crucial factor in the success of deep learning-based classification and detection methods.

In this work we focus on improving the efficiency and generalisation of learned navigation strategies when transferred from its training environment ….

Object detection has made impressive progress in recent years with the help of deep learning. However, state-of-the-art algorithms are both computati…. We investigated the use of various state-of-the-art bilingual word embeddings for improving CS LM. We explored various state-of-the-art approaches that require different levels of cross-lingual supervision for training the embeddings.

In order to re…. Code-switching CS is a widespread phenomenon among bilingual and multilingual societies. The lack of CS resources hinders the performance of many N…. By signing up you accept our content policy. Already have an account? Sign in. Latest Conferences Trending. Sep 24, Computer Science and Game Theory. By hareesh. Machine Learning. Computer Vision. By doan.

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Information Theory. By xlchen. Object-Contextual Representations for Semantic Segmentation In this paper, we address the problem of semantic segmentation and focus on the context aggregation strategy for robust segmentation.