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There are very few influential female international relations scholars. For realists, anarchy is what a state makes out of it. Paradigms simplify reality and in their explanations reduce the complexity of the world. According to constructivists, norms are rules of behavior imposed by the strongest state in the system. In self-help systems, power and self-interest determine state behavior.

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Realists believe that cooperation can be achieved if states create international institutions. Constructivists agree with realists that power-seeking, self-help, and war are contemporary facts of international life. Feminists think that most states have overly militaristic approaches to foreign relations. Neo-Marxism has increased in popularity since the end of the Cold War. Vicious circles of war and mistrust can be replaced by virtuous circles of mutual interests and cooperation through punitive military operations against aggressors.

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Liberals see the benefits that stem from state interaction, such as trade, in terms of relative gains. Constructivists believe that due to globalization, nongovernmental organizations are the most important contemporary actors in the world politics. Feminist perspectives took hold in international relations following the end of the Second World War. For realists, calculation about economic gains is an important variable influencing state decision-making. Unlike liberals, constructivists do not believe changing the structure of the international system is possible.

The Iraq war is an example of a realist approach to foreign policy.

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  4. Transnational advocacy networks are composed of state officials and nonstate actors. How do each of the major paradigms discussed in the chapter view the nature of world politics? Learning Objective: LO 1. What is the constructivist critique of realism? Is the world anarchical according to realists, liberals, and constructivists?

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    What actions and changes to the study and practice of international relations would feminist scholars suggest to ensure that the field is more gender-sensitive? Which theory realism, liberalism, constructivism, feminism, or neo-Marxism best explains international relations and why?

    Provide examples in your answer. Do you think the Iraq War is an example of realism, liberalism, or constructivism? Why, and through what ways, do liberals believe international peace and cooperation are possible?

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    Is the fall of the former Soviet Union an example of ideas and norms at work according to the constructivist paradigm? Why or why not? All rights reserved.

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