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If heavy rainfall negatively impacts work on a certain date, for example, you can chronicle how the weather conditions affected daily construction activities. This historical project record is a single source of truth for specific details about the project. It can also be used to fulfill contractual obligations and in some countries is actually required by law to meet compliance standards. The ability to set permissions for viewing and editing content ensures that the right people, from the right companies, have access to information and only the most accurate information is being added.

Construction Daily Log app

Create a more comprehensive perspective of daily project activities by uploading photos to supplement progress notes. With the ability to add notes , users can clarify specifics about activities that occurred on a given day allowing for a better reference guide for the future. Rather than starting each Daily Log from scratch, you have the option of copying information from a previous entry. This can be a helpful way to streamline the process if labor metrics and activities are consistent on a certain day of the week.

Construction Daily Log Pro 1.2 Update

With the new updates to Daily Logs teams can simplify the process of adding information and create an easy to find repository. Again, this information is essential for a productivity evaluation, or to support a change order.

For example, if the site work subcontractor submits a change order for unforeseen field conditions, such as rock, and if the change was not preapproved, it is important that both the site work subcontractor and the general contractor have daily reports documenting the conditions and the equipment that were used to excavate that rock. Is the job being impacted by weather? Are there access problems? Was an underground tank found that was not indicated on the plans to be there and did that stop the excavation operation? Did the carpenter not show up to complete his work and delay the start of paint?

Any potential delay should be documented.

Construction Daily Log App

A road closure that prohibited material deliveries, or a graduation ceremony are examples of significant events. If you are working on a school project, and school authorities request that no loud work be performed during the graduation ceremony, that request needs to be noted. Any type of third party activity that impacts the project should also be documented in this section of your daily report.

All injuries should be thoroughly documented, not just on a daily report. Most insurance policies will have their own forms to fill out as well.

Daily Log & Meeting Minutes

As the writer of the daily report, you want to document the time and location of the incident, as well as what actions took place. Decisions are still occasionally made in the field. These meetings and decisions should not only be documented in the daily report, but should also be followed up with an email at the end of the day. Even if no decisions were made at the meeting, the meeting itself should still be documented.


If it was a brief coordination meeting between the mechanical and plumbing subcontractors, it is still important to document the meeting and any plans that were discussed. Direction from authorities having jurisdiction needs to be documented, as well as inspections passed or inspections failed. Deliveries need to be documented, such as what and how much material was delivered. Even as the general contractor, and you are not signing for it, you should document the delivery, who signed for it, and where it was placed.

As the manager, it is important to understand that creating daily reports is a skill, and one that needs to be learned. Do not assume that it is easy or comes naturally. Do not assume that your employees know how to report just the facts. It is just as rare to find daily reports that only stick to the facts and leave out editorial and personal commentary. Let your staff know that in the event of a dispute, they may be called upon to be a fact witness and what they say in a deposition may be contrasted with what they wrote in a daily report.

Again, it is so important just to stick to the facts.

Construction Daily Log

Scott Lowe is a Principal of TRAUNER and is an expert in the areas of critical path method scheduling, construction claims preparation and evaluation, and specification writing. He can be reached at scott. Be sure to check your email after signing up! Item 1: Weather Our first item that should be included is the weather.

Item 3: Work Accomplished Who is performing what scope?

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Item 4: Quantities How many pieces of steel were set today? Item 5: Workforce Document each subcontractor on the site that day, as well as the number of workers provided. Item 6: Hours Worked Document the hours the crew worked. Item 8: Potential Delaying Events Is the job being impacted by weather? Item 9: Significant Events A road closure that prohibited material deliveries, or a graduation ceremony are examples of significant events.